Monday, February 16, 2009

First post, here we go!

This blog is for people who love food!  People who fetishize food, people who are already thinking about dinner at breakfast.  You know who you are.  I am one of you.  The tricky part is being a person who loves food but not all foods love in return.  I am one of those people too.  It makes food loving quite difficult actually. This blog invites you to explore delicious and indulgent foods that make your taste buds and your body sing.  I hesitate to call my focus "healthy food" for I still find that phrase brings up images of steamed broccoli and "lean protein".  Well, I'm sorry but you won't find any plain chicken breasts here.  Rather I want to show that local, simple, amazingly fresh food can not only be satisfying, crave worthy and ridiculously decadent, but also nourishing and dare I say...healing.  So, I am putting all my writing fears aside and throwing myself into the world of food blogging.  Here we go! 

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